Punjabi Tribune Scraper

By Jasdeep Singh in Software

February 2, 2021

Daily News Roundup Generator and Translator

These are the scripts used to aggregate news reports from Punjabi Tribune website daily. Which are then translated into English and Hindi.

Punjabi Tribune Scraper

Every morning the Punjabi Tribune Archive web page is scraped for news articles of farmers and labourers. These articles are then parsed for details. An xml with newsitems and their details is generated.

The xml is parsed to generate an HTML page with the content of all news items and a text file with all headlines.


Try to iterate the rss feeds of the day and get data by date. That way more data is available.

Daily Roundup Translator

The text file with data from Punjabi Tribune and SKM Press Release is edited manually and text files with google translations into English, Hindi, and Urdu are generated. Which are then edited and sent to create posts.

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February 2, 2021
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